Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Man Winter Sneaking In

Last month, Kier Atherton and I found ourselves navigating between dream-like, crystal kissed, mossy douglas fir trees, through the night and up up up to the saw dust covered work shop of Ray Jacobs. Ray Jacobs is the inventor and creator of an elusive instrument he calls the "Rocky Mountain Dulcimer", sort of a cross between a mandocello and mountain dulcimer. On our way to film Ray in the shop and later performing with musical maestro (and lovely wife) Shirley, Kier and I stopped to take a few photos of the bewitching scenery surrounding us. Later, while looking over the pictures we couldn't help but notice what distinctly looked like the face of Old Man Winter... sneaking into our photos like the trickster that he is!

Along with some great footage of Ray and Shirley, Kier and I returned home to the ranch with a beautiful one of a kind "Onion" rocky mountain dulcimer, a special gift from Ray for making a short film about the Jacobs "off the grid" musical lifestyle. If you're interested in watching the short film about Ray and Shirley, it is available through the Western Folk Life Center or on youtube at

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Kathawren said...

Jessica ,you paint the day with your beautiful poetry of things that really mean something.
Away from the "tabloidish giberish" that permeates the world today .
We want to go there and share with you a beautiful journey that transends .
So happy are we, to know you, to share your music ,and to follow you on your journey of song.
I am happy to be called your friend and thankful to you, for your generous soul to accompany me on my own journey in song.
Hopefully we will soon sing together again.

With love to you. as you continue.

May you be safe, and blessed as always.