Sunday, February 27, 2011

Deep Snow, Desert Dreaming and SxSW

Well here I am again, enveloped by the lovely deep of winter snow. I had a splendid journey earlier tonight with "Timmy" the toyota. Listened to rough mixes of the new Pterodactyl Plains album on my way to dinner with good friends, food and stories in the heart of Trego's bluish-gray misty woods...and enjoyed catching up with folks on this here "world wide web". We don't have internet at the ranch and so here I sit, by a crackling fire (only for a few more minutes until I brave the blustery, heaved winter roads) at the welcoming home of Kier's parents.


I heard from a friend in Phoenix tonight and thought of the vast difference of temperatures, culture, seasons and landscape between here and there...and I realized that even though I miss the desert, I do love Montana so.

I had a great time in the desert this past November-December, rock climbing, adventuring and being detained by the border patrol with my brother....but there is a certain closeness, calm, coziness and lack of fear of the cartel here in the vast land of witness protection placements and cell phone deadzones that just can't be beat. Yes indeed. I do love Montana.


I love to travel as well however, and after hearing from River in Phoenix, I couldn't help but get excited about all the journeys up ahead. River has a cool little indie label and was inviting me to perform at SxSW on March 19th...unfortunately for Austin but perhaps fortunately for Trego (where concerts are far and few between but mountain lion stalkings, and bear maulings, quite a normal occurrence), I have a cd release show scheduled March 19th, the same day as the SxSW performance.

So instead of wine and cheese backstage, it will be coors and venison at the Trego Communty Hall....or simply venison, since I am a glutard as some might say. I was elated for a few moments though, imagining the bustling music scene at the festival, all that free food and surprising my good friends "Head For the Hills", (an insanely talented group of strapping young bluegrass pickers), Jesse Phillips of "The Grenadines" (good friend and guitar player in my first band "Grassrocket" a wonderful bunch of hooligan teenagers creating noise we thought was awesome for senior prom and other various unpaid gigs with big pant wearing, purple haired Montana "skaters" flailing through the air and earplugging, unapproving parents wearing glorious scouls) and Danny from Missoula's band "LA Font". I suppose everything happens for a reason and I'm happy that I had a short moment in my imagination with these good friends and look forward to joining the other bajillion bands at SxSW next year. Thanks River!

Night Days

It is late again and although I've recently grown accustomed to nights quickly turning into day while in the "recording studio" (or upstairs bedroom with the least amount of flies), I am attempting to become human again before we head out on the open road on tour. And so, goodnight and pleasant dreaming to you!


Jessie said...

Eloquent and lovely...i admire your balance of Montana backwoods and music making.

abe samuel quilling said...

Nice Jess!!! I am glad that you are writing on this thing a bit :) I just opened mine up to start ranting and raving about what ever came to mind when I saw you had a new post!!! I enjoyed reading it very much! Keep it up!!!