Thursday, February 24, 2011

New CDs and European Tour 2011

I'm excited about releasing two new albums this month! March 12th I'll release "Cold" my third solo album (Americana/Country-Western) and March 11th, Pterodactyl Plains (indie-folktronic side project) releases our sophomore album "In the Air". I'll soon be headed to Europe on tour for three months again (with Kier Atherton and Chance Cole of Pterodactyl Plains) and look forward to all the adventures up ahead.

Old Man Winter

It's been a "drain color dry" winter here in north western Montana but a productive one...and I've discovered a new past-time when it's too cold to fishing! Yes, a bit of a surprise to me as well seeing as how I'm more of a sunny weather rock climber than a frost-bite enduring ice fisherman! But, I have to say, I love ice fishing.

As a matter of fact, the photo I've chosen to use for the new album cover is a photo taken of me dangling a fishing line patiently in wait for "the big one" on lake Koocanusa. The new album is somewhat inspired by my icy experiences on the lake and the frosty winter wind that accompanied me often while house sitting a beautiful ranch near Fortine. Sneaking through the gaps in the old drafty doors without invitation, mercilessly dropping temperatures abruptly, rudely interrupting recording with inconsiderate racket, (and as I imagine) wearing a cruel icy grin all along...old man winter has been both friend and foe the past few months. A source of inspiration and frustration alike. The good news is that I just got a big load of firewood the other day, the albums are almost complete and Europe is right around the corner!

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