Sunday, March 21, 2010

France and Belgium tour 2010


I've had an incredible time these last few weeks on tour with Kier Atherton (Pterodactyl Plains) in France and Belgium. I want to say thank you to Patrick and Kathy Bauwens for hosting us at their lovely home outside Brussels (and arranging an appearance at Beverly Jo Scott's show, Le Montmartre, and a live radio interview on Classic 21...and all the tasty Belgian chocolate and beer!), Beverly Jo Scott for adding me to the show and for the lovely music, Marie Bauwens for her math skills and help selling cds, Bernard Rosenberg for the great photos, Thierry for the great conversation and ride to Classic 21, Didier and staff from Le Montmartre for the crystal clear sound and delicious dinner, Emilie and Silvan from Boumchaka, VJ, Steph, Yannick, Helene, Patrick, Nico and Marion for everything, Gerald for the hospitality and fun show in Lille, Eric and Silvan for the great night at Lucky Ducky, Magali for the stellar violin playing in Gent, Pieter and Leen for the Secret Hero Concert and hospitality in Gent, Mary & Me and Songs of Sirens for the beautiful music and of course to all of the wonderful folks that have attended the shows, given us a ride or helped us with directions along the way :) THANK YOU!


sully said...

My brother Tom Sullivan of Driggs, Idaho sent me your beautiful CD. I love it! I wish I knew of this trip to Belgium... I would have come to listen! When do you take a trip through Germany? There are so many festivals here each week to play at. Hank Williams III just played at some. Have you met him yet? His bluegrass country-roots hellbilly music has already quite a following. -Will

kathawren said...

Well times have past as we follow our beloved JEss. her fans are not to be compared. We not only love her beautiful voice and soulful lyrics, we are in love with the heart and soul of this child of wonder. She cares deeply for her true fans and if time were on her side , we would all be sharing tea and laughter, a slung guitar and memory's of travel s, we can only dream of.

Jessica liveS the dream ,loves the dreamer.. and is the dreamer in all of us. THE DREAM COME TRUE? Where a poet's heart collide' with soulful lyrics and a love for her Universal God Given family. A reflection of God,s love in her many kindness and her gift of song.
Cherish her as a soft pedal falling...falling in love with spring and all that a songbird has to offer.