Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's a short video blog about preparing for and performing at Telluride in the Troubadour competition last month. I had a lot of funny, broken guitar, weather... but managed to have a good time anyway! Unfortunately there isn't any footage of my main stage performance due to weather (it started to rain on the camera!), but there is a funny little clip of me onstage getting ready to go on. Enjoy!

Telluride from Kier Atherton on Vimeo.

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Victoria said...

I've been following your blog since we heard you perform in June of last year at Bridge creek in Red Lodge, MT (I was with three others and was the one who was sick as a dog but enjoyed your show anyway)... enjoyed hearing your voice again on this video blog... have been writing on my own blogs since then and also have totally consumed by my photography passion! (if you want to check out my blogs... is my travel notes blog (we're out west again and I'll soon be posting some photos from Red Lodge and vicinity) and is my photoblog)