Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dedication, the Argonauts and Super soaker 8000

Hello all!

Here I am, back in Montana after a long trip back from South Dakota. My brother and his band were invited to perform at Winterfest in Rapid City and it sounded like a lot of fun so I tagged along for the ride...a gruelling 18 hours later and after many practical jokes, riddles, flatulence and annoying road games we arrived. Yes, a long, long way for one gig but it was definitely more than just a gig and well worth the effort. I am now here in the middle of nowhere Montana, waiting in anticipation as my brother slaves away on mixing a demo we just recorded.

About two weeks ago, I received a call from a very nice man who said he was interested in my music and wanted to talk about signing me. He requested that I record and send him 3-5 new songs, and then we'd talk about it. So, Jason (my bro) and I went straight to work on the new songs and managed to bang them out in only a few days. The deadline is tomorrow the 20th and our two weeks turned into only a few days because we had to head out to Winterfest.

I am excited about this opportunity, and wanted to share my excitement with all of you and let you all know how much I appreciate each one of you and all the support, encouragement, advice, prayers and good vibes you have given me throughout my career. I am not assuming that I will be signed by this company, or even expect it. They sound like the "real deal" and if it works out, it will be a dream come true- but more importantly, I feel blessed to have this chance to spend time with my brother, writing music and taking steps to further both of our music careers.

You see, my brother is a very dedicated guy. When he says he'll do something, he really does it. As a matter of fact, I don't believe I've ever met another person as focused, tenacious, dedicated and selfless as Jason. For example, when we were just little tikes in the backwoods of Montana, our rowdy cousins from Boston came out to visit. When they arrived, they brought with them some fancy, dancy, shmancy supersoaker 8000's (or something along those lines) water guns. Growing up poor, Jason, Jaime (my sis) and I had never owned a water gun and it was so much fun having a huge water fight with my cousins that Jason was determined to not only own his own...but buy one for me and my sister as well so we could all enjoy it.

So he went to work right away, holding "yard sales" in our secluded, country yard 10 miles away from anything or anybody. Jaime and I joined in the yard sale and made "rock necklaces" (yarn tied around a rock, very en vogue back then), and selling the lids to peanut jars as frisbees, and many other very valuable items. Miss Dottie bought some frisbees for her dog, she must have let the cat out of the bag because then Rita and Joe showed up and bought rock necklaces...

We didn't think anything at all of the fact that dad and mom's friends were all showing up to the sale, it was just a coincidence that they all happened to be out for a drive looking for a yard sale 10 miles from town and just another coinkidink that they all happened to stay for dinner too.

So, needless to say, Jason didn't raise enough money from his yard sales but ended up getting some money for his birthday almost a year later and bought all of us water guns with his gift money. So, to re-iterate what I was saying earlier, the kid is a Saint. Here's a little poem I wrote for him about his newfound love of water guns......

The Water War

Long ago and far away,
just kids in the sticks of Montuckay,
when boisterous relatives from the big city,
flew out to visit one day.

They arrived with big suit cases,
and talked with strange accents,
and continued to untie show laces,
'til one fell flat on his face.

Now the jokes and the tricks and the war was on
and although he was only three,
mighty Jason the Argonauts leader was gone
vanished high in a douglas fir tree.

"Where art thou Jason?" the questions begun,
as the cousins searched desperately,
but the answer came quickly from a bright water gun,
and he massacred all without heed.

Now it's good that you know,
that the weapon he sowed,
was belonging indeed,
not to he,

But young Jason was nimble and bimble and so,
that he snatched it
from under their knees.

And the day went on,
and the night arose,
and as everyone snorfelled in glee,
'twas the best water war that they'd ever known
and went down in Kilroy history!

Hope you are all well! I'll let you all know about the "Deal" as soon as I find out.

God Bless,


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